Samurai Western Hands-On Impressions

This June, Atlus will be releasing a revamped version of a Japanese cult hit, Samurai Western, for the PlayStation 2. To put it simply, this game is as unique as they come: a traditional samurai warrior battling corrupt cowboys in the Old West of the 1800s. Intrigued? Then read on as I play through a decent chunk of the game.

On top of that, Gojiro picks up accessories along the way. These are not your standard accessories nor are they anything a self-respecting samurai would ever wear; items like a party mask, lasso, spectacles, a wolf mask (worn on the side of the head), and a fake afro, among others. When equipped, the accessories will appear on Gojiro and yes, he does look stupid. But it's all in good fun and it makes you want to keep progressing through the levels to see what zany thing he'll get next.