Psychonauts Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 11, 2005 10:54am PDT

A Psychonauts demo has been released, allowing you to try out Double Fine's psychic action-adventure game which is being released on PC, Xbox and PS2 soon. In the demo you take control of Raz, "who is just beginning his stay at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Explore the campgrounds and meet your fellow eclectic campers before you journey into Coach Oleander's mental battlefield to test your Psycho-wits and abilities". Thanks GameSpot.

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  • My Impressions :

    The game is beautiful, the art direction is awesome and the voice acting is great. I laughed a good couple of time (ie. exploding squirrells) and the characters are really awesome. The platform jumping elements are great, theres no instant death type deal and the feel of going through the levels makes you feel like your actually having fun and not a repetitive grind of messing up and having to go through all over again. The couple puzzles are simple and logical. However, I feel like the game will be more platformish than an adventure game like other Schafer games. This doesnt bother me however, since its fun as hell. The controls are great, I can't believe this is a console port. Everything is responsive to the max. There's alot to love here and alot of extra things to do like collecting cards and items to buy new things. The game seems great and the demo is worth the download. I just cant get over how beautiful this game is.

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