More on In-Game Ads

The New York Times ran an article today where they speak with Massive CEO Mitchell Davis, whose company has partnered with corporations such as Intel, Coca Cola, and Dunkin' Donuts. The article discusses Massive's ambitions, how Nielson plans to track data on the ads, and why EA is currently rebuking Massive's offers.

"I don't want to pick up a sword and have it read Nike on the side," said Jeff Evertt, a video game player and programmer. But less intrusive product ads would not necessarily bother him, he said. Brian Fisher, another gamer and programmer, agreed. "If the character drinks a Pepsi to get health points, it doesn't bug me," Mr. Fisher said.
C|Net has a similar article here, revealing that the ads can net publishers an extra $1 to $2 profit per copy. Also, GamingNexus has a Q&A with a Massive exeuctive.