Shacknews Giveaway Winners

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 25, 2004 11:12am PST

The moment you've all been waiting for; here are the winners of this year's game giveaway. Once again we thank the contributing publishers.

- One of four copies of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, courtesy of Activision. filtersweep, shredder133, lohke, masterli. - One of three copies of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (PC), courtesy of Activision. Wilhuf, horncrusher, phatl. - One of three copies of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (PS2), courtesy of Activision. jedivader, josecuervo, tealc316. - One of four copies of Rome: Total War, courtesy of Activision. Two people will also receive a Rome: TW flag. yros, swagger, Gwarsbane, Waverider. - One of three copies of True Crime: Streets of L.A. (PC), courtesy of Activision. LANman247, flashodad, matrix. - One of three copies of Call of Duty: United Offensive, courtesy of Activision. lonepie, Bunkminster, Silhouette1034. - One of seven Spider-Man 2: The Game t-shirts (XL size), courtesy of Activision. zippynipple, one baby to another, afrosteve, Wardragon175, sycho316, netkcid, DarkHands. - One of two copies of Codename: Panzers, courtesy of CDV. Guava D, crazywigga. - One of three copies of King of Fighters: Maximum Impact (PS2), courtesy of SNK. rayban, magus, Lrd_Cujo. - One of three copies of SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom (Xbox), courtesy of SNK. lvlmaster, ZeRo4, pukerat. - One of five Gungrave packs. Includes Beyond the Grave DVD, Gungrave: Overdose for the PS2 and two guides. Courtesy of Mastiff. CaM3Lt0Sis, blackhorizon, salamanga, damndirtyape, proclone1. - One of three copies of Painkiller: Battle out of Hell, courtesy of DreamCatcher Interactive. smoke52, radus, AspectVoid. - One of two copies of Return to Mysterious Island, courtesy of DreamCatcher Interactive. Ajax, RSVDoomsday. - One copy of Warhammmer 40,000: Dawn of War, courtesy of THQ. MastarP. - One copy of Full Spectrum Warrior (PC), courtesy of THQ. WorkParticle. - One copy of EverQuest 2: Special Edition, courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment. SexualAvenger. - One copy of DOOM 3, courtesy of Activision. phagostien. - One copy of Zoo Tycoon 2, courtesy of Microsoft Games. odious. - One copy of Kohan II: Kings of War, courtesy of Global Star Software. Toddland. - One copy of Fritz 8 Deluxe, courtesy of Viva Media. epit. - One copy of Far Cry shaffe. - One copy of Blowout (Xbox) j0nchan. - One copy of Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth (PC-DVD) Prototype. - One copy of Alien Hominid (GameCube) sonik887. - One copy of Armies of Exigo indosauros. - One copy of Grand Theft Auto: Advance thejayjay. - One copy of Viewtiful Joe 2 (GameCube) El Tigre. - One copy of Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (PC) banana. - One of two copies of ESPN NFL 2K5 (one Xbox, one PS2) Thud (Xbox), Priest77 (PS2).
If you've won a game you already own, perhaps you can swap with someone else with the same "problem". E-Mail me if there is such a change. Games will be mailed during January.

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  • I post somewhat but guaranteed if i won there would have been a groan. I've been reading since scary's quakeholio. I remember reading it as a satire site, more than as a gaming site. I'd watch his demos and love his things that suck. I have literally visited the shack daily for what is it? 7 years? It had to have been at leaste 7 because I remember reading him for a while and then HL coming out and seeing sTeve post a demo of him going on a Egon Gun rampage in a map to show HLDM off. I lived off of shack and Methos Quake.

    The shack is dear to people. Some of us lurkers still clicked on ads like crazy when sTeve needed it. Do I download shit from fileshack often? Hell no. But I immediately subscribed and have stayed subscribed because sCary has brough me daily pleasure for an absolutely rediculous amount of time.

    I've supported sTeve probably more than a majority of people have. To discount lurkers is a sad sad thing. Remember guys it's a random fucking drawing. Your post count shouldn't get you extra ballets. Or maybe sTeve should just base the winner on how many times they've drudged up month old washed up SomethingAwful catchphrases or embarassed themselves by wooing in front of a girl poster? If you guys want that, pool together money and make your own contest.

    Or think about a complete newbie who recently found the shack and thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread. Think about if he won a prize. He'll be a suporter probably forever. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

    Steve thank you for everything you've done for the community. Thanks for the christmas gifts you've given out to shackers. Thanks for not giving up when the internet began to fall and things were looking bad. Merry Christmas.