Evil Genius 1.01 Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 11, 2004 1:50pm PST

The first Evil Genius patch has been released, updating the US retail edition to v1.01. Fixes several game bugs, though to completely fix them you need to start a new game instead of loading a saved game. Thanks 3D Gamers.

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  • Do we know if this makes any changes to henchmen special abilities? I know that in particular Lord Kane's Smooth Operator ability is way overpowered. When you use it on an agent, the agent stops what he/she is doing and doesn't react to anything, even fights, until the animation is complete... even if Lord Kane has to run from the other side of the island.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy rendering agents helpless for the time it takes Lord Kane to run over there, and I've exploited it to power-level my other henchmen. I just wonder if they changed the behavior so that agents don't freeze and ignore everything until Lord Kane gets in range, instead of from the moment you click on them.

  • Fixed in patch v1.01
    - Disguised sentry gun can now be researched.
    - Sentry gun range increased.
    - Agent AI fix for rooms behind locked doors.
    - Glossary crash fixes for 2 hyperlinks,
    - Rare loading crash.
    - Rare crash involving monkeys.
    - Extra hint added for objective 2 & the mixer.
    - The second mess hall counter has been renamed to "mixer".
    - Misleading "Load Save" option renamed to "Load and Save".
    - Rare crash bug when deleting certain outdoor traps fixed.
    - Rare crash bug when locking minions in during construction fixed.
    - Minor scripting fix for a couple of objects.
    - Minor fixes (text fixes & memory leaks).
    - Rare crash in Training Fixed.
    - Version added to Options screen.
    - Research button sometimes missing when reloading a saved game fixed.
    - Crash when saving during death cubicle animation fixed.
    - Agent memory crash fixed (when agents are around during room detonation).
    - Security desk crash fixed (holding down LMB to move it when it's destroyed).
    - Body bag crash fixed (when reloaded and assigned to a destroyed freezer rack).