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By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 13, 2004 2:27pm PDT

As we posted last week, the November issue of PC Gamer is featuring a preview of Quake 4 (the UK PC Zone magazine has a preview as well). The issue hits newsstands September 21 but it looks like subscribers are starting to get it already. Here's a few tidbits from the preview

- Quake 4 is a direct sequel to Quake 2, takes place just hours after the event of that game. - During most of the game, you are fighting with other marines, however there will be solo missions. - Some missions take place inside, others outside. You'll get to use vehicles at times. - You're part of a military campaign attacking the Strogg homeworld. - Returning weapons so far: blaster, machine gun, nailgun, shotgun. - Multiplayer: "The multiplayer experience is more akin to Quake III: Arena", no vehicles. - "With Doom 3 it was horror. With Quake IV, it's war."
Be sure to grab PC Gamer to read the entire 10 page preview and check the screenshots. Do not post scans in this thread.

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  • Not that I truly have any say in the making of a top game, however as a classic gamer(I've probably been gaming longer than most of these people have been alive, back to the days of DnD), I have seen a lot of things go by, so... I would just like to say, I don't like the little jump pads in Q3, The teleporters where cool looking but they didn't need to be (you have to figure we are running around, no good gamer should be stoping to take time to look at the scenery), however details are good! I would say, "Keep it simple stuped" would be the words to use. I want to see a game that when I sit down to play, it makes me want to jump strafe and rail someone in the head, that is all I ask. THANK YOU!

  • You people are retarded. Q2 SP was incredible. It just felt right. I loved the strogg. I jizzed myself every time I saw Tank. I wanna make love to it. IRL.
    Come on people, Char design DOES matter.
    And if you have seen the Q4 scetches, it looks like Raven is going into the right direction. One thing though, I pray that they add weight to the surroundings in the game. Doom3 felt too light and synthetic. The shotty in D3 had to be purchased at toys r us.

    Q1 SP was quite nice too, I replayed it 4 times with Tenebrae (fukk, I still have it installed even), but Q2 just feels right. One thing though, for the love of god, include an uber++ difficulty. Q1 and Q2 nightmare mode these days is ridicilous. A one armed person, with 3 fingers, can still pass it, with full health too.

    Now to MP. Hahaha, some retard few posts up was complaning about Railgun. Hahahahah what a newb. Buddy go play some pokemon while watching sailermoon and drinking sunny_D.
    Q2 Railonly Instagib is the very peak of what human cerebrum is capable of creating. Nothing can ever touch it. Nothing. I agree that it is a wee bit slow, but the beauty of that, is that you get to enjoy your kills more.

    Ohh and Raven, if Q4 rail looks like a Q3 laser, imma gonna come to you and stab you. Have a nice day.

  • I think it is a mistake to re-create games who are just now dying. I played Counter-Strike for YEARS. I got tired of it and stopped playing. Now I've started playing CS:S, and I just can't get it up for that game anymore. There is SO much Valve could of done with vehicles and physics, instead they go and give us the same thing we've been playing for years. I really hope that Q4 multiplayer is different than Q3. I played that a lot, got tired of it, and there is no reason for me to go back to it. On the other hand, I have a lot of nostalgia over Q2 by now, so a good Quake 2 3 wave CTF recreation would really perk me up. I'm so desperate for new gameplay that I would rather play BF:V than these carbon copy recreations.

  • quake 2 is one of my MOST FAVERITIST GAMES EVAR ... i cannot wait for this ... even if i havent been the biggest fan of a couple of ravens latest efforts, i will still have faith until i can at least try a demo.

    as far as im concerned, the doom franchise has been wrecked for me (thats for me, okay? if you like doom 3, great. i dont, thats all im saying), so please please PLEASE dont do the same to the quake name. its needs to be fast paced and action filled, not like wading thru glue with a 'script each room so that two or three enemies warp in and thats it' mindset.