Quake 4 Preview Soon

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 08, 2004 5:42pm PDT

The guys at PC Gamer send along word that their November issue will have a 10 page Quake IV preview, the first look at the new Raven Software game. The issue hits newsstands September 21st, get a look at the cover by clicking here.

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  • Lets hope they break from the current mold of multiplayer FPS games and go with the older hardcore school of gameplay found in games like Serious Sam, Quake 1, Doom 1, Doom 2, etc. High player speeds, high fire rates, high damage rates, no weapon switch delay, lots of air control, and the ability to do trick moves like rocket jumps, bunny hops, strafe jumps, accel jumps, accel running, etc.

    Also return juggling combos found in Quake 1, where you can indefinitely juggle your opponent in the air with well placed shots until they are dead. This was really popular in fighting games when it was introduced by Mortal Kombat... it stuck ever since. Now FPS games need to add similar unrealistic yet fun things.

    If we wanted a more realistic FPS experience, we would play Counter-Strike or similar or we would join the frickin army. Instead, we want the stuff mentioned above: elastic, fast, furious, ultra-violent gameplay.