Bake Me A Daikatana

Total shocker news of the day, Daikatana won't make Christmas! Who would have thought huh? Apparently that gold CD that was submitted a while ago got rejected and now ION Storm is still slaving away at the game. The following comes from Evil Avatar, who supposedly got it from Gamefan, but the link doesn't work and I can't find it in their news section either.

Though it was reported 'round the Net that Daikatana, ION Storm's first-person shooter, went gold and would be in stores before Christmas, we just got off the horn with the 'peeps at Eidos regarding the state of the game, and guess what? It's not gold, or even close. The gold masters that were submitted have been rejected, and the team is back to work. According to our source, Daikatana will not make the holiday deadline.

5:00pm update Steve: The cook has released some new screenshots of Daikatana for episode2 that you guys can check out on I've also got a huge index of Daikatana screenshots listed right here. Oh yeah, if you're wondering wtf that headline Maarten posted means, check out this article.