Daily Thread of DOOM 3

Over 2000 comments for both DOOM 3 chat threads, yeah I'd say this game is kind of popular..But be sure to keep your comments about the game both good and bad in this post, so they don't take over other comments threads. Use spoiler tags, and be aware that stupid posts like "OMG DOOM 3 SUX, GAME A IS SO MUCH BETTER LOLOL OWNED" will be quickly nuked and you'll most likely will be banned. Most people seem to really dig the game, what about John Carmack? He posted on Slashdot, mentioning that he's extremely proud of DOOM 3.

I am extremely proud of Doom 3. I think it is the best game we have ever made, and it exceeded all of my expectations. That is a rather trite phrase, but it is literally true -- I had a good set of expectations for how the game would turn out based on the technologies that it was built on, and it wound up being just plain better than that.
He also mentions what was said by id Software before, a new project is already underway ("Amidst all the various Doom ports and expansions") In another post, Carmack says the Quake 3 engine should become open source by the end of this year. Thanks Moritz Reinhold.