DOOM 3 @ G-Phoria

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 30, 2004 7:52am PDT

Activision let us know that DOOM 3 will be playable at G-Phoria -- the Award Show for Gamers (at the Shrine Expo Center in Los Angeles) this Saturday. "G-Phoria guests will get the chance to play a preview portion of DOOM 3 single player on the PC, ahead of next week's release. G-Phoria premieres on G4TechTV on Aug 6."

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  • G4TechTV is the antichrist: Here's why...

    They bought TechTV, which is fine. That's the way business works.

    They announced that they merged with TechTV, which wasn't exactly the truth. Still, it's fine. They can say whatever they want.

    They name themselves G4TechTV... The worst name in history. (Plus the worst logo.)

    They play 98% G4 shows. TechTV, granted, would loop the ScreenSavers, Call for Help, and TechLive, but still I think the network was more of a computer enthusiast network which reminded me a lot of the old days of CNET being on Saturday mornings, and watching THE SITE with Soledad O'Brien.

    Now the channel is all G4 shows, which G4 the network is a completely FORCED and CORPORATE attempt at being cool. This awards show is evident of that... Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro... What a bunch of idiots. I'd rather have CG Garfield host the show, along with CG Bugs Bunny. At least they're more professional.

    All of the shows are horrible that G4 produces. Period. That show with the obnoxious rave girl... What is it called, G4TV? Awful.

    They basically ruined the network. The only thing worth watching now is XPlay, and that's only if you're a COSPLAY creep.

  • Great Article!

    By Wil Harris: Friday 30 July 2004, 20:14

    SO IT LOOKS like we’re down to waiting just a couple of days for the gaming event of the Millennium so far: Doom III.
    Anticipation is a funny thing. When something is a long way away, and you know you have a long time to wait until you can get hold of it, the wait doesn’t seem so bad. You can busy yourself with other things, concentrate on itty-bitty bits of rubbish in between. As the date looms closer, however, it’s harder and harder to concentrate on other things. Everything moves from your central thinking, out to your peripheral thinking, until your entire mind is consumed by whatever it is you are waiting for.

    In a sense, it’s a bizarre feature of our psyche that seems to be programmed right into our innermost brain. It doesn’t have to be computer games: Christmas, a holiday, a night of nookie with a loved one, the feeling is the same. And it’s odd, because it’s such a destructive instinct. It’s entirely detrimental to our survival: can you imagine primeval man salivating over the prospect of his new stone tool, anticipation at fever pitch, then getting knocked off by a sabre tooth tiger? It’s not good.

    This leads me to question just how healthy it is for the gaming industry to be centred so heavily on just a few key releases, raising anticipation to such high levels at the expense of other titles being released. Undoubtedly, it’s good for id Software: they get treated like royalty by both gamers and the hardware companies that support them, and they’ll make a fortune from sales of the game and licensing of the technology.

    It’s a double-edged sword for hardware companies. In essence, the performance of your hardware in the game will make or break a generation, or multiple generations, of hardware – making your sales almost entirely conducive on the performance of one product. Of course, if you come out looking good, you can expect sales to rocket – but if you come out looking bad, you’re in for a tough time. Based on Doom 3 results, who would ever bother to buy an ATI card for at least the next 3 months?

    For gamers, I would argue that this focus is utterly detrimental to their interests. Undoubtedly, Doom 3 is going to kick ass, and there’ll be a good couple of months enjoyment out of the single player game, and the licensing will give us a few good games over the coming years. But why isn’t all the attention being poured into Doom 3 going into other games?

    Sure, ATI and Nvidia have big developer relations teams that spend time with games houses helping them out. But if just a little time had been taken out of the Doom 3 team, would we be seeing STALKER already? Whilst ATI appear to pour infinite resources into Half Life 2 (for little effect, seemingly), why didn’t they spend more time making sure they didn’t suck at Doom 3, or even sorting out the appalling image quality that they pump out in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow?

    And the situation gets worse. When crucial hardware companies ‘nuture’ certain titles, you effectively split the gaming community. Right now, we are looking at Haf Life 2 shipping in September, and Doom 3 shipping this month. If you are going to buy a graphics card, what are you going to do? Go with Nvidia for Doom 3, or ATI for HL2? Taking it to it’s logical conclusion, one day we’re eventually going to end up needing two different systems geared towards different games from different software houses. Not only that, but buying figures get horrendously skewed depending on who’s game is out at a particular time. ATI quite rightly pointed out to me, last week, that their performance in Doom 3 isn’t up to scratch yet, but that it had faster performance in almost any other game out there that wasn’t Doom 3 – but I can guarantee that their sales will take a disproportionate hit over the next couple of months. On the other side of the coin, Gabe Newell looks like a bit of a tit, now, for proclaiming that Nvidia was just not fast enough to run HL2. Sure, lots of ATI money might have swung his way, but by tying HL2 to ATI, he’s now ignored the fact that the new Nvidia 6 series architecture now kicks some ass and will surely put in decent performance.

    To go back to my original point, hardware buyers would get better advice on what hardware to buy if the hardware market wasn’t so centred around one or two games – journalists would be able to take a more rounded view of things. Secondly, game buyers would get more quality games all year round, rather than one or two huge releases spread out across long periods of time. I’m not actively encouraging mediocrity, but it seems a little inequitable that id Software, who would have made Doom 3 kick ass anyway, eat up so much of the tech world’s collective consciousness – at the expense of lots of other cool stuff.

    I had lots of other things I wanted to say in this column, but I just can’t concentrate. Even as I write, this stuff is slipping from my mind, my brain is lapsing… what was the Doom 3 release date again? And how many hours is that? µ

    Wil Harris co-ordinates The News of the Screws (