Evening Reading

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 16, 2004 5:00pm PDT

Ten pm ER might be the new eight pm ER, but not tonight!

- Don't spend money that doesn't belong to you. - Picasa released, Google tech powered picture organizing program. - Martha Stewart gets five months of jail time. - Las Vegas now has a monorail. - Don't play illegal chess, they'll get you!
Lastly, workout in a pill?

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  • NCAA 2005


    Played Alec earlier, couldn't get OU's receivers to catch a third down pass to save my life. Lost 14-10 :( First loss. Now 11-1

    Played Jedi_27....got me a win but it was a good game, things just went my way and he didn't know that Mike Williams wasn't in the game for some weird reason. Won 21-0. Now 12-1.

    Here's what's weird, when I exited the game it said This gamertag is already in use. SIGN OFF.

    I've been trying to connect for the last half hour with no success. WTF, how do I fix this problem?!

  • Help Computer!

    Are there any known issues with quake 2 and win xp? I was feeling a little nostalgic and also figured it couldn't hurt to get used to dm that is a little slower paced in preparation for doom3 goodness. Anyway, my computer consistently reboots after a few minutes of playing q2. I'm on an 1800+ with a 9200SE. Yes I know its a pile of crap, but I'm pretty sure its enough for q2. I have a suspicion it's the 4.3 catalyst drivers, but I haven't heard of any issues with them. (or I haven't looked hard enough)

    Any help (or new video cards) would be appreciated