Evening Reading

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 16, 2004 5:00pm PDT

Ten pm ER might be the new eight pm ER, but not tonight!

- Don't spend money that doesn't belong to you. - Picasa released, Google tech powered picture organizing program. - Martha Stewart gets five months of jail time. - Las Vegas now has a monorail. - Don't play illegal chess, they'll get you!
Lastly, workout in a pill?

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  • Just got back from seeing I, Robot... Good movie, a hell of a lot better then I expected, but I have some interesting news any gamer would be interested in. But it spoils the end of the movie, which is actually pretty suspenseful and good, so I'll use spoiler tags. I'd recommend watching the movie and then commenting, but whatever.

    They ripped stuff right out of System Shock! The main AI that controls everything is a re-due of Shodan, down to the voice! and some of the main ideas... I want to believe this is all from the origonal I, Robot short stories, but damn, that looked and sounded a hell of a lot like Shodan. Honestly, I'd consider it a tribute, but I was a little ticked, because when I saw her it gave away the ending of the movie, lol. I was like, oh shit, she's gonna go bezerk. Someone behind that movie was a gamer. (we can tell our own kind or something, right?)