DOOM 3 Done?

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 10, 2004 7:44am PDT

The hot new rumor on the Internet is that DOOM 3 is finished, because of this marketing flyer by Activision which mentions "we said it will be out when it's's done!". GameSpot contacted the publisher where a spokesperson said "id Software has made no announcement that Doom 3 has gone gold". As previously mentioned here, online retailers have the game pegged for an August 3 release and it was recently announced that there will be a DOOM 3 tournament at QuakeCon (August 12 - 15).

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  • Oh, the headline on that flyer page is evil:

    "Rumor Control: Doom 3 shipping August 3 and Resident
                              Evil 4 delayed to '05

    In case that doesn't appear properly, "Evil 4" starts right underneath "Doom 3," and "delayed" appears directly beneath "shipping."

    As I often do when reading, my eyes casually glance down at the line beneath that which I'm reading, often times causing my brain to combine the two in rather amusing ways. In this case, it's "Doom 3 delayed to '05."

    I just about shit a brick…