Sunday Afternoon ShackReviews

Hey buddy, I don't care where you sleep, but you can't sleep here. It's time to update the ShackReviews database, for god's sake. This week we've got a handful of new and (relatively) recent games, including a GameCube remake of a PlayStation classic and an oddball voice-controlled action/adventure game. As usual, if there's a game you want to review but don't see in the database, check first and then submit it! (And don't blame me if a game you never submitted isn't added!)

The last couple of weeks have seen some pretty big releases, but there are two more biggies coming next week: Battlefield: Vietnam and Unreal Tournament 2004. But wait, there's more! In the next few weeks FarCry ships, as does Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for both PC and Xbox and Painkiller and Breed for PC. And there's this nasty rumor going around that Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is supposed to ship before the end of the month. That's a whole lot of gaming in the next month...personally, I'm still catching up on my games from the holiday season, so I'm going to skip most of these (although I did have UT2004 pre-ordered, I canceled it, figuring it'll be a while before I can play it anyway, and the price will probably come down between now and then) although we'll see how long I can actually hold out once these all ship. I'm already having a hard enough time not running out and getting MGS: The Twin Snakes and Ninja Gaiden...all this gaming goodness might be too much for me.