BF1942 1.5 Patch Released

As expected, Electronic Arts has released the v1.5 patch for Battlefield 1942. The patch is available as upgrade from 1.45 or full download to upgrade any version. For Windows server administrators there's an update and full server download as well. Version 1.5 includes a new map "Invasion of the Philippines" which features new patrol boats, a new US Marines skin, the M1 Garand and more. Here's EA's description of the new map

In this new conquest map for Battlefield 1942, naval warfare and infantry island invasions take center stage in a raging firefight for the Philippine Islands. The shallow water between the islands act as a barrier to the invading Japanese Destroyer, but is no problem for the fast patrol craft used by either side. In some cases, islands are so close together that infantry can wade between them. The Invasion of the Philippines map introduces two new vehicles: the Elco 80 PT Boat for the US Marines and the Type 38 coastal craft for the Japanese. These fast patrol craft are the most heavily armed for their size in either navy packing torpedoes, machineguns and sea mines into one pint-sized warcraft. With their size, speed and manueverability they bring naval warfare into knife-fighting range. From fast naval action to beach invasions to fierce jungle combat, Invasion of the Philippines brings a new intensity to the battlefield.