Desert Combat 0.4J Released

by Maarten Goldstein, Sep 15, 2003 7:43am PDT
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A new version of the popular Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942 has been released, offering yet more vehicles, maps and gameplay improvements. There is a full download which is a staggering 573mb, or a patch from the previous version which comes in at 223mb.

Here is a change list of whats new in this version: - Full Battlefield 1942 Version 1.45 Compatibility - New Opposition Technical Pickup truck with .50 cal machine gun - New Opposition Recoiless Rifle mounted on the pickup truck - New Civilian cars - New F-14 with 2 positions, Pilot and Bomber - New Opposition SA-3 Sam Site - New Opposition OSA anti ship Vessel - New F-15c fighter - New Opposition Mirage Fighter Jet - 3 new maps (DC Weapons Bunkers, DC Medina Ridge and DC Basrah) - ...