Late Night Consoling

Our buddy Jason is gone for the holiday weekend, so here I am to fill in for the LNC post, and I'll be adding games to the Shack Reviews section this Sunday too. There won't be an LNC on Monday though, as it's unlikely there will be enough news to warrant a post.

GameCube PS2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Interview Over at GamePro you can find an interview with Konami's Hideo Kojima, who is asked about Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. MGS3 Q&As deal with reaction to MGS2, online features, the jungle environment, and the game's title while the Twin Snakes Q&As are about using Silicon Knights as developer, and why they are remaking a game instead of creating a new adventure for the GameCube.
Xbox Xbox Wireless Adapter Tired of the extra network cable Xbox Live brought to your living room? The FCC of all places goofed up and posted on their website that they have approved an Xbox wireless adapter using the 801.22g specification (54Mbps). Microsoft confirmed the approval, but declined to comment further for now. Digitimes.com has a picture of the device. Thanks Slashdot Games.
GameCube PS2 Xbox Your Own Arcade MachineGameSpot is reporting that Fry's Electronics stores will soon have the X-Arcade home arcade machine on display. This $999 product from XGaming allows you to hook up GameCube, PlayStation, PS2, PC, Mac, or Xbox and then play them using arcade controllers as if you were inside a real arcade machine. The machine also includes "thousands of arcade classics" already.
Xbox Unreal 2 Multiplayer Q&A New on GameSpot tonight is this Unreal 2 multiplayer Q&A with Legend's Scott Dalton. Dalton is asked about the similarities between the free PC multiplayer addon and the included Xbox multiplayer options, unique features of the multiplayer mode, use of vehicles, map size and a few other things.
PS2 Manhunt Site Live The guys at Rockstar Games have launched the official Manhunt website, offering what you would think is more info on this game..except it's almost impossible to navigate. There are several screenshots to be found though. Rockstar's survival action game will be released November 19.
GameCube PS2 Xbox Misc. Media/Previews GameSpot has previews of Final Fantasy XI (PS2), Tony Hawk's Underground (Xbox, GC, PS2) and . They also have screenshots from Viewtiful Joe (GC), Morrowind GOTY (Xbox). IGN has also taken a look at Tony Hawk's Underground, and they have a preview of Tales of Symphonia (GC) as well. As far as screenshots they have new ones from Gran Turismo 4 (PS2), Bomberman Kart and Destruction Derby Arenas (PS2). On GameSpy can find a preview of Jak 2 (PS2). Lastly, HomeLAN Fed offers Project Gotham Racing 2 (Xbox) and Drake (Xbox) impressions.
Console Game of the Evening: Double Dribble for the NES. "This was the first sports game I ever played on a daily basis with my friends. There was always a seemingly "magic" spot on the floor where you could drain 3's all day long." (submitted by MannyM).