Evening Reading

I sorta just realized that it is already June... I cant seem to figure out how that happened but I guess we are now already like halfway through 2003 now or something around there? Well here is one to make you oldschoolers feel nice and old, not much more than a year and a half or so from now the incarnations of Shack starting out with Quakeholio will hit 10 years of existence. What's up with that? There have been kids who have gone all the way through high school and college during that time... This one is for the old bastards:

- Supercomputing made simple
- Wacky emergency 911 calls
- Martha Stewart more famous
- That lady and her veil
- Buying cancer sticks online promotes terrorism
- Court rules for portable cell phone #s

Lastly, our heroic home run hitter has been suspended.

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