Bruce Campbell on Duke

Thanks to Jon for letting us know about this interview with Bruce Campbell on IGN. In it, he takes a pretty big stab at Duke Nukem:

IGN For Men: Have you been approached for the (Duke Nukem) movie at all?

Bruce Campbell: No, and I would say no because of the way they've handled it.

IGN For Men: How have they handled it?

Bruce Campbell: Well, they're rip-off artists. Let them get their own damn material. It's called hiring a writer. They're blatantly ripping it off and if I was any kind of litigious guy they would've gotten a phone call by now. It's depressing and I think it's wrong. That's why Tachyon: The Fringe will kick little Duke's ass any day.

Seems Bruce doesn't quite agree on Duke only using "a few lines" from Army of Darkness.