Breed Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, May 23, 2003 8:36am PDT

After many delays, the Breed demo is finally here. The demo is a 142mb download, and it's not exactly clear what's included, though it is singleplayer only. Thanks BreedFiles. It's recommended that you have a 1.5Ghz machine, 256mb of RAM and a 64mb Direct3D compatible videocard that supports hardware T&L to play the game.

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  • Things I didnt like, in order of irritation:
    -Voices suck.
    -I want to be able to run and jump just like Quake... Please let me do a standing forward jump, thanks.
    -Tank physics need loosened up. Its good fun, but I'll take a Scorpian anyday.
    -Need to run faster (even slower than UnrealII)
    no] Friendly fire.
    -Blow up/run over tree stumps
    -I want to plunge to my death on a surface that is banked at, say, 85' not be able to either stand or slowly decend. I could slide down the elevator path of the tallest tower to the bottom without taking damage just like Spiderman.
    -Shorter intro