Breed Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, May 23, 2003 8:36am PDT

After many delays, the Breed demo is finally here. The demo is a 142mb download, and it's not exactly clear what's included, though it is singleplayer only. Thanks BreedFiles. It's recommended that you have a 1.5Ghz machine, 256mb of RAM and a 64mb Direct3D compatible videocard that supports hardware T&L to play the game.

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  • Things I didnt like, in order of irritation:
    -Voices suck.
    -I want to be able to run and jump just like Quake... Please let me do a standing forward jump, thanks.
    -Tank physics need loosened up. Its good fun, but I'll take a Scorpian anyday.
    -Need to run faster (even slower than UnrealII)
    no] Friendly fire.
    -Blow up/run over tree stumps
    -I want to plunge to my death on a surface that is banked at, say, 85' not be able to either stand or slowly decend. I could slide down the elevator path of the tallest tower to the bottom without taking damage just like Spiderman.
    -Shorter intro

  • What's really amazing is the shallow "it's shit" complaints. If there is something particular that (you) feel is lacking, spell it out. Out of all the comments I've read, two had some actual substance to them. That being said: I think the game has some good potential. It runs great (also a good thing) in regards to Fps. The demo is just that, a demo; it gives a great sense of what the game is about, and commanding a little mini squad [B]an/B] being able to play as any of them, in game, and switching to any of them at will, is pretty damn cool. This particular mission was a pain in the butt, in the sense that you seem to be overwhelmed by enemies that just come out of no where (#297). I completely agree that the enemies "appearing" is not so good. Again, it's a beta demo (FREE). I think what will make or break the multi is going to be the netcode (duh). But the foundation is there. The game has great potential as a multi, and if a couple of little things get hammered out, the single will be a blast too. I was fairly impressed by what I experienced with this demo. It was well worth the download, and unlike many other demo's I've downloaded, it was fun.

  • Wow, you guys are a bunch of whining baby's aren't you? Based on the comments here I expected to see something akin to... I dunno, Daikatana - when I started playing, but luckily I never actually listen to all the jaded shells of gamers that roam the wastes of the shackforums, and decided to give it a try.

    I played it at 1024x769x24 with 8x Ansio and 4x, (radeon 9700 pro) and it ran fine. Never dipped below 45-60 FPS I'd guess.

    Of ALL the complaints about this game, the only ones that are actual problems that need to be addressed are:

    1) Most importantly, they need to fix the head bob. It's like the characters spines and necks are fused together into one solid bone. I've played nearly every FPS to hit the PC, and this is the only one that ever gave me a headache from just walking around.

    2) The announcer's voice is pretty laughable, it's not a problem really, it's just not inspiring to listen to some guy try and whisper in a gravely voice at you during the mission briefings. That and the... Canadian accent? Who else says "hood" ? I half expected him to say "Look in you hood and you'll see aboot 3 breed you need to kill, eh?"

    3) Would a mouse in the menu screen be so hard?

    4) Walking up hills is annoyingly slow.

    5) Sounds (weapons especially) could have a lot more boom to them.

    That's about it, the only really major gameplay affecting issue is the headbob. That was just annoying. Sure this isn't an AAA title, but with some polish, it could be an A title, not the negative triple F title that you'd think it was from reading the comments here.

  • Okay, I've played through the demo a few times now (I don't dislike it as intensely as the rest of you seem to) and I'll tell you ONE thing that I absolutely refuse to accept: Opponents spawning within line of sight of the player! Holy Mary, mother of GOD who thought this would fly?

    This bullshit wherein Breed only appear when you get close enough... despite the fact that you can SEE where they're about to spawn: It's crap. What's the point of giving me a goddamn sniper rifle if nothing is ever THERE until I get closer to it? I see a turret from far away... and there's no one in it. Ah, but watch me get within range of that fucking turret and suddenly I'm getting shelled.

    If the engine can't handle having those units being visible (those units which SHOULD be visible), then there's either something wrong with the engine... or the level should've been designed differently. That's ALL there is to it. If they don't FIX this, then the multiplayer better out-fucking-standing... or this is a no buy for me.

  • Why do people bitch that the game runs like crap and then they say they are trying to load it in like 1600x1200? Are you people really that stupid?

    Remember back in the day, when Half-Life and Quake 2 were the shit, and you were awesome if you ran the game in 1024x768?

    I still play games in 1024x768. And yes, I have a 21" Viewsonic G810, it can handle a much higher res, I just like the look/feel of 1024x768, plus it hauls ass in any game I play.

    This game probably does suck, I'm not wasting my time downloading it, but most of the posts of people that say it runs like crap are trying to run it at some insane resolution.

  • wow, i thought people would like it. anyway. my 2c

    graphics: I thought the engine was pretty good, ran fine on my old rig (1200 t-bird, radeon 8500). the char and art direction is decent as well. lacks some polish, but its a beta.

    movement: also, not bad. maybe a little to much sway, but, some rocks i should just be able to jump over, but not bad.

    sound: like the ambient sounds, sound effects, foot steps, guns, all pretty good.

    gameplay: good, i liked switching between the players, grouping whatnot, good idea, seemed implemented well.

    overall 3.5/5. with some spit and polish i think it could be a 4 by release.