Enter The Matrix Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, May 09, 2003 7:10am PDT

HomeLAN Fed's Q&A with Shiny's David Perry is online. Perry is of course asked about his company's Enter the Matrix game, which will ship next week to be in stores on the same day as the Matrix Reloaded movie opens.

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  • Deffo agree with Paul Tozour's comment, but don't think that playing through someone elses script is always a totally bad thing....take HL or the proposed gameplay of HL2 as a 'good' way of playing through a scripted sequence.

    What's worrying is that game devs will essentially create games where the player is put into a situation that means that they have to act in a 'certain' way to complete or progress - I think the best route is for the player to be dumped into a scripted sequence but offer them multiple routes for completion of the sequence (with the associated knock-on effects)