Sunday Night ShackReviews

I'm finally back online after moving last weekend, and guess what? It's time for an update to the ShackReviews database. We've got a bunch of new titles this week, including a non-violent MMORPG and a the first online Star Wars game for Xbox. As usual, if there's a game you want to review but don't see in the database, check first and then submit it! (And don't blame me if a game you never submitted isn't added!)

Boy is it nice to be back online. My only Internet this week was via a mind-boggling 9600 baud connection to my cell phone, which meant I was browsing the web with images turned off and spending up to 45 minutes downloading my e-mail. Whee! I did manage to get in some HOMM IV while I was offline, and I finished another campaign. I think I'm going to take some time off from that one and fire up .hack://INFECTION tonight, which should be interesting.

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