By Maarten Goldstein, May 02, 2003 12:54pm PDT

Valve has released a new non-beta build of their Half-Life dedicated server files. There are to updates for Windows and Linux, and the full downloads are available for Windows and Linux as well.

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  • so what changed?

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        • here's the whole changelist
          Here are the details for this release:

          - Added support for new Valve CD key system (uses outgoing UDP on port
          - Added new GUI for Win32 dedicated server. The new GUI is used as the
          default interface. To start a dedicated server using the old console
          window, add "-console" to your command line.
          - Changed so server.cfg is only executed once during server startup (not
          during every level change).
          - Changed default network rate to match max rate allowed (went from 9999 to
          20000), for LAN servers.
          - Changed to use "\valve\valvecomm.lst".
          - HLTV: New load balancing system.
          - HLTV: Added client banning.
          - HLTV: New administration commands: players, maxqueries, maxrate, bann,
          dispatchmode, publicgame, forcemaster, echo (see HLTV-Readme.txt)
          - HLTV: Removed -bufferlength parameter.
          - HLTV: Updated HLTV-Readme.txt file.
          - HLTV: Updated hltv.cfg file.

          New CVARS:
          - Added two new logaddress commands to the engine
          * "logaddress_add <IP> <port>" adds a new log address to the send list
          * "logaddress_del <IP> <port>" removes an existing entry from the send
          - Added "sv_log_onefile <0:1>" (default: 0) to determine whether one log
          file is created (total) or one log file for each map change, which is how it
          currently is. The default is the current behavior (one for each map
          - Added "sv_log_singleplayer <0:1>" (default: 0) to create a log file for
          single player games. The default is off, which is the current behavior.
          - Added "stats" command to view the data collected by "sv_stats".
          - Added "sv_stats <0:1>" (default: 1) which determines whether or not to
          collect server stats (%CPU used, FPS, bandwidth's, etc.) from the server. (0
          = off, 1 = on). Determining CPU usage takes a nontrivial amount of time, and
          needs to be done once per second (or so).
          - Added "motd" command to view the MOTD in the server console.
          - Added "motd_write <text>" command to write the given text to the motd.txt
          file. The character string "\n" is translated into newlines.
          - Added rate limiting code to Out-Of-Band queries (i.e. players, info).
          * "max_queries_sec <queries>" (default: 0.5) defines max queries per
          second per user (averaged over max_queries_window)
          * "max_queries_sec_global <queries>" (default: 10) defines max queries
          per second for all queries
          * "max_queries_window <seconds>" (default: 30) defines time window to
          average query rates over
          * "sv_logblocks" (default: 0, 0=off, 1=on) logs which IP addresses have
          been blocked by this code
          - Linux: Added "-tos" command line parameter to linux hlds binary. This
          enables the LOWDELAY TOS header in the udp/ip packets the server generates.

          Bug Fixes:
          - Fixed "sv_visiblemaxplayers" setting not working for info/details query
          - Fixed the problem with running multiple servers on the same machine and
          having them communicate properly with the Ban Master server. Servers now
          communicate with the Ban Master server on the server's game port (default is
          - Fixed the Counter-Strike flashbang bug where the grenade would not always
          flash all of the players.
          - Fixed the Counter-Strike server crash bug where players could buy
          items/weapons while using the "kill" command to drop them on the ground for
          other players to pickup.
          - Fixed remote exploit bugs (Security Advisory VSA0304)
          - HLTV: Fixed RCON.
          - HLTV: Fixed status query handling.
          - HLTV: Fixed missing player voices.