Day of Retail Defeat Preview

GameSpy attended a press event last night where people from Activision, Valve Software and the Day of Defeat team were showing off the retail version of the popular WW2 Half-Life modification. Instead of just taking the current mod and putting that in the box, the retail version of Day of Defeat (out in May) will feature new content.

After several years of success as a modification, Valve Software hired several members of the team in the summer of 2002 to work on the game internally, with other members continuing to work from locations around the globe. The retail version of Day of Defeat will contain nine brand-new maps, as well as revamped versions of 6 current DoD levels. According to Valve's Doug Lombardi and DoD player animator John Morello II, almost everything has been touched, especially in the art department. Other major additions for the retail version: a British team has been added for the Allies, and a particle system has been added to the current Half-Life code base.
Current online players will be able to get the new content, patches will be released to get the mod and retail version in sync. Also mentioned in the article is that "Activision will not only be publishing Day of Defeat as a standalone game, but this will mark the beginning of a partnership with Valve Software spanning several games."