First Post!

I've been thinking about it and after several years of action games being 95% of the games that I play, this year I've played simulation games, strategy games, and even sport games (NBA Live 2003). I used to dig all the genres back from like 1992 until 1997, but since then I haven't really played a lot of different games. Kinda odd. At least I'm not missing out anymore. Well except for those commie action role playing game like Deus Ex and System Shock, I don't think I'll ever like those :D (direct hatemail to steve@shacknews.com)

After seeing that trailer yesterday PlanetSide sure isn't looking too interesting to me anymore. More like Tribes 2 with more players than anything else it seems. Graphics are still ok I guess though not as good as they were a year ago unfortunately.

Movie: I can't get to the IMDB right now, how am I supposed to cut and paste from there!

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