First Post!

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 22, 2003 7:20am PST It's Saturday and once again I'm back on cable internet. This time I didn't mess up my modem router myself, it just stopped functioning correctly. Everything was great for the past three days and then suddenly last night things got slower, sites started timing out and now I can't get a single bit back from my router. Great stuff!

Picked up the Road to Rome addon for Battlefield 1942 finally. Thankfully, my CDRW did read the addon disc, unlike the main Battlefield 1942 CD. From what I played so far, Road to Rome does contain enough content to justify the money spent on it.

Movie: I'm... I'm gonna try not to come back. I'll try not to.

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  • ShackHelp Needed:

    I am working on a project using MS Access and VB. I will start with an easy question and go to hearder ones.

    I am specifically working on some report forms in VB.

    1. I need a total sales over the past day. This is part of one colum in a table in the DB.

    2. I need Total Sales for a particular department over the past day. This adds another level of complexity.

    I am personally sick of this project and I wish we were doing this in MySql and PHP, but anyway ... I am doing this as a part of a team/class project and it is too late to start over.

    thanks for any help.