Devastation MP Demo Fix

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 21, 2003 9:31pm PST

Arush Entertainment sends along this performance fix for the Devastation multiplayer demo, fixing the extreme frame rate loss and connection lags that people are experiencing. A patch fixing server browser issues, miscellaneous gameplay issues, physics, and other problems will be released in the coming weeks. According to Arush, the performance problems only exist in the demo, and not in the retail version of the game.

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  • Holy fark ! This game ROCKS !!
    Stable as fark to me..framerate is good, netcode seems to be just fucking fine, was playing ctf with 8-12 players for about 2 hours with a ping of 120-140 and it was smooth and accurate 99% of the time....didnt seem to notice anything wrong with it.

    Weapon arsenal is great, lots of variation, looks good.
    Playermodels look great, physics feels good..but yeah, some of the weapon sounds seems a tad on the weak side..but it dont bother me that much, I really have yet to find a game where the weapon sounds fit me 100%.

    Anyways...I never even heard of this game until i saw the demo, but im glad i gave it a shot even though all the "l337 shackers" was talking all bullcrappy about it.

    Im gonna play some more now! =)