Next 2015 Game Announced

Vivendi Universal Games sent out this press release, announcing that they will be publishing the next game by 2015 (the guys behind Medal of Honor: Allied Assault). This new first person shooter is called Men of Valor: Vietnam, and will be released on PC and Xbox in 2004. Instead of using the Quake 3 engine like they did with Allied Assault, 2015 will use the Unreal engine for Men of Valor.
"With Medal of Honor Allied Assault, 2015 took steps towards developing a new type of first- person shooter that highlighted the excitement and danger of military conflict during World War II. Rather than place the player in the role of a traditional first-person shooter, the player was made to experience the vulnerability and heroism of the soldier taking part in a great crusade," said Tom Kudirka, President, 2015, Inc. "In the same way, Men of Valor: Vietnam aims to recreate the tension, risk, and excitement of the jungle battlefields of the Vietnam War."
More info here.

Update: The first screenshots