Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Sep 14, 2002 5:45pm PDT Well, havent managed to play on an internet server worth a damn with UT2003 yet, and bot play has never really done much for me.. cant say these bots do anything special for me over any other bots in games. That CTF map sure is purty... wow. Ah well, anyways here's some stuff for the evening:

- Flat panel tv's, hot or not? Still look like crap last I saw.
- Supercomputing speed barrier
- Marlboro cancer fighting injections comming soon!
- Strange smart dust stuff to detect dangerous chemicals
- Looks like they caught ( and more) some alleged high level terrorists.
- Huge credit card heist

Lastly, Sopranos starts up this Sunday, and our cable guy doesnt show up to install HBO until Monday, argh!

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