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By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 20, 2002 6:51am PDT Well that certainly was surprising news about Battlefield 1942 already going gold, especially with the several issues (some big, some not so much) that the demo has. However after that news came out I was informed EA is actually still testing the gold submission, though I doubt many changes will be made. It's sad that we have to wait for a patch yet again.

In some sad news this morning, here is the obituary of William A. Scarboro, former programmer of 3D Realms. At 3DR he worked on Rise of the Triad and the Prey renderer. id Software's Jim Dose and 3DR's Joe Siegler have .plan updates about this.

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  • OK.. that took me forever! I recently bought an airport card for my wife's iBook and a Linksys WAP11 v2.2 wireless access point. Things were up and running pretty quickly but some weird shit was going on. Some pictures on some websites would not download - sometimes even the whole website wouldn't download.
    I then used my toshiba notebook with wireless on the same access point and everthing was fine. FTPing into the ibook was fine until I started to download.. then it would just freeze.

    Anyway, to cut a long and boring story short - I finally solved it by setting the MTU on the iBook down to 500 - anything larger than about 550 would cause it to drop packets.

    So, here's a big STFU to APPLE! ,,|,,

  • Female drivers are AWFUL. Sure, males may speed more often, but females do STUPID crap. I refrained from posting my short rant months ago, thinking that perhaps the experiences I had were merely isolated cases, but a renewed batch of STUPID crap from female drivers has forced me to vent my rage. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID FAT UGLY STUPID WOMEN. YOU ARE IDIOTS. GET OFF THE ROAD. LEARN TO DRIVE. Oh yeah, it makes it even worse when it's a stupid fat ugly woman driving a PICKUP TRUCK. ?!!?! Fat, ugly, stupid redneck women. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I hate you all.

  • one of those epic bf1942 moments
    was playin on ashkies last night and my friend 'wake&bake' joined, he went on axis to make it fair. anyway, we didn't get many chances to blow each other up, but i was doin well tryin to help win the map and be 'top 3'! :D anyway.. the big battle near the end comes down at the airfield, i see him in a tank at the far other end of the airstrip from the planes, he's staring at me and even takes a potshot just for kicks. i am RIGHT next to where the Sherman respawns and it pops up within 15 seconds of our stare-off! :D I thought i'd just rush his ass and hopefully outgun him and use my momentum to get a side/rear shot. it worked! my first shot was straight on and he seemed to fire right as i hit him so his volley veered away. He ended up trying to make a break for it and i hit him in the rear for the KO! :D ...... he came back and shot me tho in the face a respawn later when i didn't have the tank anymore :(

    i am pre-ordering this, RIGHT NOW.