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By Steve Gibson, Aug 17, 2002 1:06pm PDT Well it seems that there's been quite a bit of confusion about DOOM3 and specifically the multiplayer. As John Carmack mentioned in his speech they were looking at a 4 player limited peer to peer system for DOOM3 currently. That is just what is currently working on DOOM3, however it has been clearly stated in the past, and again to me while at QuakeCon by a couple of employees that there are vague plans for a multiplayer follow-up patch or product for DOOM3 that have not been fully decided on. So dont panic! all this means for multiplayer is that the singleplayer version of DOOM3 may be including a limited multiplayer portion although probably not. Just keep your pants on and wait for the multiplayer patch/expansion. You can see the GameSpot folks mentioning this as well:

id does have real plans for more serious multiplayer options for Doom III, which Carmack said would come either in a separate product, perhaps as an expansion pack.

FileShack hosted MP3 of John Carmack's QuakeCon 2002 speech. Thanks monstaquake. This MP3 is missing the last part of the Q&A that covers that multiplayer quote sadly, if you have a full recording we can host please drop me an email.

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  • Here's what it sounds like to me.

    Okay... remember that the Quake engine (that's one, two and three.. plus all games that use the tech) is a primarily multiplayer engine, correct? Now.. most of all the single player experiences have certain things about them that one gets trying to mold a single player game experience into a multiplayer engine.

    Now... when we look at DOOM3, think of it as the opposite way. They're trying to mold a multiplayer game experience into a singleplayer game. They also don't want to sacrifice cool shit in the singleplayer (like the lighting, or the physics engine, or actually having all weapons fire projectiles and not a hacked up hitscan job), so a few whinging 16 year olds on some forum don't bitch excessively.. so they have to limit it, and change how the multiplayer works.

    This isn't the Quake engine, folks. It's the DOOM III engine. I'm sure Carmack's in a better position to say what is and isn't viable at the current time for his own game engine, right?

    Besides... I'd much rather get the game (and that luscious tech behind it) sooner, with a half-assed multiplayer, and a better multiplayer later down the track, than have to wait for them to do better multiplayer to appease everyone at once.

  • Seems Carmack is aware of the multiplayer communities expectations. At E3 they tried to downplay the multiplayer part but that didn't help. On pages like this the sentiment was still "remember Q1 and Q2 were single player game, but still had great multiplayer. Doom3 will have great multiplayer". Since you didn't get it last time, he repeats the message and is more blunt. If you don't get the message this time, I guess he will just have to keep downplaying the multiplayer part of the game, until your expectations are lowered so much that you won't kill yourself when the game is finally released.