Tribes Fast Attack Canned

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 03, 2002 3:10pm PDT

Earlier this year, a new Tribes game was announced. Tribes: Fast Attack was to be a standalone single-player game along with multiplayer options for small teams. HomeLAN Fed has learned at Sierra's Tribes Council event that this game has been cancelled. Tribes 2 will be relaunched for $10 later this year instead, fully patched and all.

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  • I am amazed at how many people have nothing better to do than bitch about Tribes 2. Personally, its one of the best PC games ever released. Its the ONLY game i still can play after it being out 2 years.
    Tribes 2 rocks, im happy to see continued support for the game after all this time... Nothing beats 64 player Renegades servers =)

    Not to mention there are Linux binaries, you cant beat that.

    My fear is that this might kill the series, which is unfortunate. But i definately look foward to the patch, and all the levels.

    I urge anyone who never botherd to get Tribes 2 to buy it when it comes out that the discounted price, remember its a 2 year old game, you will be impressed. It has a lotta depth, and so much to do (with all the mods especially), and ground and air vehicles, and all the huge levels. You'll never be able to go back to a claustrophobic cooridor shooter again (with the exception of Doom 3 im sure ;)