Diablo2, Fixed Again?

So Blizzard has just announced they have completed the latest fix of massive item dupe problems going on on the realms. They say the item dupe problem has been fixed, but give no indication of what they plan to do with the destroyed economy that is in Diablo2. As every serious D2 veteran is probably aware there have been so many duping and hacking exploits through the past year in D2 that the upper end economy is a complete worthless mess. The latest hack was actually bogging down the entire battle.net servers because of the number of people duping items all at once. So I've been wondering, why the heck has Blizzard not offered up a clean realm? Perhaps it would be a little futile because of all the cheats, but I cant imagine it being much worse for D2 players than it is right now. note: This is not the thread to make fun of D2 players.