On Q2 Source

By Steve Gibson, Dec 22, 2001 1:32pm PST

With the release of the Quake2 source code John Carmack is getting spanked with the hate mail as you'd expect from people worried about cheating. He made a post on Slashdot last night saying the Mac code is coming, and also that "another old game's code" will be released soon. Also, Todd H at id Software has a .plan update about Q2 licensing for private use.

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  • just so ppl know, releasing the source code can be good or bad(depends on the how the community reacts). qw is going very strong in europe(i'd say over 1000 hardcore players easy), and it's not very active in north america(couple hundred hardcore players at the very best), but there are new qw clients coming out with stronger anti-cheat protection(yes, qw is still being worked on and improved!). the main thing that killed qw online was ppl spreading malicious lies, and paranoia that everyone is cheating(sorta like how cs is now), and the source code being released was the kiss of death.

    it wasn't, but some idiots sure thought it was, and their lies hurt more than the actual cheats made from the source code. in the short term qw got hurt by the source being released but in the long run it'll be far better off. more old schoolers come back each day, if only at a trickle so far but qw is building back up again if slowly. releasing the source code hurt(especially in na since the scene was split 50%/50% nq/qw already, where europe 99% of ppl play qw so it wasn't a big deal). netquake had no 3rd party proxies that help w/ anti-cheating protection while quakeworld did.

    i know quake2 has proxies. if those have good anti-cheat protection i imagine it won't be too bad unless the proxies released their source too. it'd be sad if a bunch of idiots running around screaming "cheaters", "we know you cheat because the source code was released", and "quake2 is full of cheaters now since the source code was released" hurt the q2 community.

  • i've played quake2 rocket arena every day for over 3 years now. a total of 4 years, but not every day. it's a part of my diet, like lunch and dinner. some days only 15 minutes, other days 4 hours. It depends.

    Anyways, i'm not worried about hackers after this source release. the server where i play (Hal9000's match server) is stocked day in day out with the same people. I pretty much know everyone who plays there, and i have for quite some time.

    It's a nice, competative place to play. Also it has some pretty good cheat protection going (qadmin 1.24 i think) - which stops most of the cheats out now.

    I'm sure more cheat will come out, but then again that's what p_kick is for.

    q2ra has a great community. it still will. I'm positive that releasing the source is a good thing, and when you think about the cheating issue you'll realize that it's not as bad as it seems.

    Happy gaming