GameCube Impressions

By Steve Gibson, Nov 19, 2001 4:42am PST

As most people know, the Nintendo GameCube launched over the weekend and along with the launch comes a bunch of games to play with. Here's a compilation of some of the more interesting viewpoints expressed in the thread from yesterday: Here they are in some wacked out table format for the hell of it:

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  • Hate to be redundant, but I think more opinions need to be given about Rogue Leader's difficulty. While Xian makes some good points, I can't really agree with his overall conclusion.

    Put simply, I don't think this game is too hard. After the first few missions, they definitely become more complex and more difficult. But I feel like each mission has some unique aspect or technique that you need to figure out in order to get past it.

    True, my friends and I haven't passed any levels the first time around... but usually the 2nd or 3rd time we can get it. For instance, it seems tricky taking down the walkers on Hoth, but once you get the hang of it, it's not too hard. The same with the Vengeance of Kothlis (or whatever) that Xian mentioned. Yes, that mission is long and difficult, but it incorporates a lot of the tactics you've already used, such as Y-Wing bombing and walker take-downs. I actually think that's the best mission in the game so far (I'm currently stuck on Bespin).

    The fact is, if this game were any easier I think it would be too easy... too quick. I don't think it's that frustrating either... the missions are just so much fun to play that I really don't mind playing the first parts over and over again... I almost always make it farther each time I play, and the beginning parts get easier and quicker, as well.

    So basically, I'm super-impressed with this game and if you're skeptical about whether or not to get it, rent it first. A few hours will give you all the experience you need to make a decision.

    P.S. - If anyone knows how to get past Raid on Bespin, please clue me in :)

  • Uh... I know that this thread is long gone, but figured that i would post something anyways. You all hate nintendo or something, so flame me or whatever.

    Rouge Leader, Rouge Squadron II:

    Rouge leader is one of the best games i have ever played, any platform, any system, ever.

    I love the controls, and the graphics are amazing. there are more polygons and rounded edges of ships and objects than i have ver seen on any game even on a high end pc.

    the difficulty is at a perfect level. the game seems to get harder as you go, and there are so many subtle nuances that you notice as you play though the levels a second and third time, that the replay vaule really is amazing.

    there are other features that make it fun, such as dvd making of commentary in the games levels by factor 5 members, and other things that i have yet to see such as a making of special that is unlucked after certain tasks are performed and goals reached.

    back to the graphics.
    the dynamic ligting is great. the snow on Hoth appears to reflect every little bit of light emmited by your snow speeders phazers, and it all blends SOOO nicely.

    There is very little aliasing in the game. what you do see is from objects very far in the distance, but as the game is always on the move and you are never in one spot, it is nearly impossible to notice UNLESS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IT.
    The game runs at what seems to be a pretty consistant 60 fps with dips when there are tons of explosions or other action on the screen at once.

    The controls blend seemlessly into the gameplay. if you have ever played a star wars game on the "last gen" systems then there is really no need for training. you can pick up and start from scratch, with very little learning curve involved.
    The game makes excellent use of the L and R triggers pressure sensitivity, and the rumbling and vibrating of the controller feels great and well timed to every hit and bump.

    The game has great music. Factor 5 has put alot into the music, at times it seems as though they raided the lucasfilm vaults and ripped the original music into the game, and this may be true, but i dont know how possible this is with the technology at hand. The samples from the original movies seem well timed, and will make any fan smile when they hear them.

    There is very little clipping, next to no popup.

    A great game, and a must have for any fan.
    A must play for anyone that wants to play an extremely well crafted game, and see what all the nintendo supporters mean when they say "quality first, quantity second"