Evening Reading

So I finally got around to installing Windows XP. Not bad, except for the IE icons which are pretty damn ugly. Pretty happy with the integrated PPPoE internet support (I know), so I didn't have to install the 3rd party app crap from my ISP. Don't really know if it was really worth it over Win2k though.

- If you're an optimist, you might just live longer.
- If stories about hot panda sex get you all excited, this is your story.
- Yeah so I don't know this chick but some people found this humorous.
- Oh boy, Rambo vs Osama bin Laden. Thanks Tim.
- $1.88 million is a crazy ass price for a watch.

Lastly, want to repeat again (since i'm getting emails all the time) that current errors with updating profiles / sending Shackmessages are because of SQL overloading. We are moving back to a more powerful box soon, and these problems should hopefully go away :)
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