Ghost Recon Demo Released

by Maarten Goldstein, Nov 06, 2001 8:13am PST
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As promised, the Ghost Recon demo has been released. The 74mb demo allows you to try out one mission not found in the retail version of the game, with singleplayer and multiplayer action. When the full version of the game is out next week, you can add this demo map to the game as an additional multiplayer map. You can grab the demo from Fileshack, 3D Gamers, Gigex Location 1, Gigex Location 2, Fileplanet.


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  • I've been running the demo at 1024x768x32 with all details high except I don't have shadows on all the characters and it's been very smooth. This is on my Athlon 750 with GeForce3 in Win2K with Detonator 21.83 drivers. I did manage to get one crash out of it though by alt-tabbing out and then back into the game. That gave me a BSOD. :( They need an always run option (unless I missed it) and I agree binding keys is a pain in the ass. I don't understand why they can't let us double click to set the key and have that button there for the UI newbies that may need it. The only saving grace is that we can save our key bindings now (as opposed to Rogue Spear) so we don't have to suffer through the UI so much. I also agree with some of the other posters that characters need to be able to carry a sidearm as well. Also, the character doesn't seem to lean as much as in Rogue Spear, but maybe that's my imagination. Other than those nitpicks, I love it!

  • I think I got one of the most interesting stories, system specs:
    P3 450, 128mb ram, basic gateway setup w/Voodoo 3 3000 16MB ...
    I put it on med detail and gave it a try, and it ran like really good. So I decide, hmmm ... let's crank the detail. Game freezes when I click on options. Reboot, try to click on options again, game crashes. I'm persistent and interested so I click options after this reboot and it works. Put EVERYTHING on highest detail possible, cept for show dead bodies and put it in 800x600. Haven't seen any SLOW DOWN. It runs very well just doesn't look as smooth as a GeForce would render it. Oh well, got an alienware 1.8ghz 512 geforce 3 in the mail. :)

    Simple question, anyone know how to fix the blurry font?

  • If you are getting static/occasional pops on the SB live.. What i have found to somewhat cure that (over the course of a few years with this card) is..

    First off, in multimedia/sound controls/whatever you want to call them ( different in 2k/9x/XP ) don't put the sound quality at max. put it one click away from max. Keep acceleration at full (unless you get stability problems - some boards are prone to that) and then fire up volume control. Keep the master/wave volume at 50-75%. 75% being only if you don't have powered speakers. I run headphones with a seperate DSP which powers them.. The lower the volume set in volume control, the 'smoother' the music is. Adjust volume accordingly on your speakers and try to keep volume control as near middle (50% volume) as you can.

    Some games will overwrite those settings and jack the wave sound high sometimes, so when it starts sounding like AM radio again you know what to check.

    I find that this not only 'usually' stops the crackles and pops, it'll improve the sound quality some. If you get good results, set the sample rate quality back to max.

    Good luck.. you won't nuke anything tweaking with these settings, so experiment.

  • My impressions:

    - Unstable. The third time i restarted the game I finally managed to play a mission. The last time I played, I got thrown out to Windows. (win2k)

    - Sluggerish performance. On a 1ghz P3 w/ 384mb p133 and a GeForce2 gts, It was approaching unplayable at the default settings and 1024x768. Due to the nature of the game, 640x480 was almost impossible to use. 1600x1200 gave around 5 fps if it didn't just throw me out of the game.

    All in all, I enjoyed playing it the first and second time. Third time felt a little repetive, this isn't a truly unique game after all. Feels like Rogue Spear with trees. Maybe I need to play some more to judge this. For people who have never played Rogue Spear or even Counter-Strike, sure, this could turn out to be an excellent game. Not sure about myself, will have to wait and see. I'll stick to Operation Flashpoint for now.

    / [V]