CPL's Counter-Strike

Angel Munoz of the CPL posted a comment on ShackES, listing the changes in the Counter-Strike version used at the upcoming CPL World Championship. It was previously announced that the CPL version of CS would lock models and team names would be supported among a few other things, but it seems the changes are quite a bit more than that. In fact it's not really Terrorist - Counter-Terrorist anymore.

1. The words "terrorist" and "counter-terrorist" have been replaced with the clan's name.
2. In-game text files containing the words "terroist" "counter-terrorist" have been replaced with "offensive team" and "defensive team."
3. The text files containing the word "bomb" have been replaced with "device" and "communication device."
4. Sound wav. files containing explosion sounds have been deleted.
5. Models are now forced and the entire offensive and defensive teams can choose only one model per team.

The action of the game now gravitates around a team trying to activate a communication device and the other team attempting to prevent that.

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