CPL's Counter-Strike

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 18, 2001 12:56pm PDT Angel Munoz of the CPL posted a comment on ShackES, listing the changes in the Counter-Strike version used at the upcoming CPL World Championship. It was previously announced that the CPL version of CS would lock models and team names would be supported among a few other things, but it seems the changes are quite a bit more than that. In fact it's not really Terrorist - Counter-Terrorist anymore.

1. The words "terrorist" and "counter-terrorist" have been replaced with the clan's name.
2. In-game text files containing the words "terroist" "counter-terrorist" have been replaced with "offensive team" and "defensive team."
3. The text files containing the word "bomb" have been replaced with "device" and "communication device."
4. Sound wav. files containing explosion sounds have been deleted.
5. Models are now forced and the entire offensive and defensive teams can choose only one model per team.

The action of the game now gravitates around a team trying to activate a communication device and the other team attempting to prevent that.

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  • I dunno, I gotta agree with (someone) who mentioned the IRA planting bombs as terrorist acts for 30 years, but for some reason, *that* didn't bother Valve and CPL...I believe they even used to call that "terrorism"...
    But suddenly, now, with Pep Boys and Ford Trucks advertising their Americanism (to get you to BUY STUFF - which *is actually* the heart of Americanism - and I used Americanism instead of patriotism for an excellent reason...), everyone is freaking out...
    I don't think that CS used to have the "American Home Defense Ops" and the "Bin Laden Al-Qaeda Terrorists", did they? If not, what is there to change?
    Bombs didn't exist before Sept 11? Actually, guess what...None of the terrorists PLANTED ANY BOMBS...But they planted plenty of bombs prior to Sept 11...and not just *these* terrorists...
    No bomb sound? What sound does the huge explosion make, when it blows up the boxes, and sends everyone in the room flying away from the "communications device"?
    I don't like this trend...Movies, TV, Music, Books, Comics, Games, everything we can possible use for a little escapism...WRECKED by "ooooh..but what will the general public (who doesn't play, see, read, or listen to these things anyway) think about the word terrorist in our media!?!"
    If people don't want to see this stuff, why couldn't you find a copy of Diehard on the shelves at Blockbuster, a couple of weeks ago?
    Hell, go watch Wicked City...They fly a passenger jet DIRECTLY thru a hi-rise building...Wing and tail sticking thru it and everything...AND NO DAMAGE IS DONE...cause it's a hologram...It should be very life-affirming for all the freak-outs out there...
    Anyway...enough of me being pissed off...I'll see the rest of you dissenters in the FEMA work camp at Thunder Mountain later on in the year...Peace!

  • oh my god.... this is the worst thing i have ever read. Makes me want to bring a gun to school and kill everyone!!!!!! Seriously.... what is going to be accomplished by butchering a game like this? I mean...... if the cpl wants more coverage try running racy things. People will be on their sides over this whole censorship thing more than likely. I mean really, there is no better way to bring up sales or interest than controversy. I mean shit, look at Marilyn Manson, he has made his career out of his fans and then out of these christians that hate him SOO FUCKN MUCH that they buy all of his records and go to his concerts.

    If anything the cpl is really proving themselves to be a weak organization that easily will shape what they do by "popular" public opinion. Well, in case they weren't aware... the general public could give a shit less about video games, let alone a bunch of skinny to overweight computer geeks dukin it out on their computers in one huge room yelling at another.

    I just think its sad that we have this trend going, its good to know that terrorism succeeded, as it is only being proven more in the aftermath. Way to be america. And thank you media for making us so weak and scarred of the "attacks" of anthrax. I really appreciate making me a target and making panic for the terrorists. k thx sit

  • Terrorism exists in order to strike terror into the hearts and minds of those being terrorised. For every change that occurs because of the attacks, that's one point for the terrorists. As that's the ultimate goal of terrorism, to incite change, either in attitudes or opinions.

    The whole of America (and much of the Western world) is in a current state of terror (and deep shock) over what hapenned on Sep 11th, which means that the terrorism succeeded. In the words of Counter-Strike, Terrorists Win.

    The IRA have been planting bombs throughout the UK (especially London) for over 30 years, yet life goes on. People aren't scared to go to London. Yet many are scared to go to the US (and just as scared to leave it).

    Bush (and many other Americans) know that life has to get back to (what passes as) normal. That's their message. Contrary to belief, that doesn't mean you can't grieve for the tragic loss of life, it just means that you can't show the terrorists that they were successful. Stand up for yourselves, be proud and patriotic by showing that you stand in the face of adversity. And, when given the chance, go after the people who did this to you and bomb the fuck out of them.

    So while I can understand the CPL's point of view in regards to their sponsors, you'll excuse me if I find it horribly pedantic and hypocritical to remove all explosion sounds from a game where shooting people in the head is counted as "a good thing".

    Chalk another point up for the terrorists. Or should I say "offensive team".