Name That Engine

Here's a weekend goofup for you guys. As most people know a while back a bunch of Dynamix employees took off to do their own company, GarageGames. They are aiming to license out the TRIBES2 engine technology over the net for like $100 and hopefully make money on profit sharing from what other people do with the technology that they provide as a core for games. The engine technology was being called V12. That didnt work out though. Here's the update on their website (Thanks PlanetTRIBES)

Who would'a thought? We took three random characters, V and 1 and 2, and added them together to make up the name of our game engine. It kind of made sense because a V12 is actually a real life engine. Get it? GarageGames, engine. :) Oh well, somebody beat us to it, and their lawyers are not amused. So, we need to change the name of the engine. As explained above the leading candidates are:

gV1 - Boring, but works because it is expandable. We will eventually have the gV2 or the gM3.  [snip] we have to change the name of the engine. Our time frame is short, since the owners of the trademark V12 do not like us taking most of the top search spots on Google. If you have any opinions about gV1 or SpankDog, let 'em fly. If you have any other ideas that might make a good game engine name, let us know.

Such is the hazard of naming your company/technology before having the trademark search completed. Doh.