Quake4 & Noname Game

By Steve Gibson, Aug 31, 2001 12:35pm PDT Activision has sent out the official PR announcing that they will be publishing Quake4 as well as the "new as yet untitled game" both being called id Software games. As was announced at QuakeCon Quake4 will be developed by Raven Software, and the untitled product is the teamplay oriented multiplayer game that Nerve Software announced that they are working on.

"We are thrilled to be working with Raven, Nerve and Activision on these exciting new titles," Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software said.  "Raven and Nerve are two of the most talented teams in the industry and we look forward to continuing our tradition of killer games with them on Quake IV and our new franchise."

What is also interesting is the new DOOM that was also shown at QuakeCon appears to have no connection to Activision or any other publisher.

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