Duke Nukem Forever Delayed?

By jason bergman, Aug 29, 2001 7:38pm PDT

GameSpot has a news item up reporting on Take Two's quarterly-report conference call today, where among other things, they talked about Duke Nukem Forever. It's not clear whether they were talking exclusively about the console versions or not, but Take Two apparently stated that the game will not be out until 2002, and will be released for both the Playstation 2 and Xbox consoles. Regarding N-Space, and their PS2 title Duke Nukem: D-Day, there wasn't anything specific mentioned, but the game has not been canceled, and it looks like N-Space will most likely be handling the console ports of DNF. Of course, even if the PC version is pushed until next year, it's still not technically a delay, since no release date was ever announced to begin with.

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  • Can i just ask one thing george? Please tell me your not adding new and different features everyday at this stage. I mean ideas the team have come up with recently, not things in the design doc, because at this stage in a games development shouldnt you be making sure everything thats already in there is working, rather than adding complications?

    I really enjoyed the E3 video, and im anticipating the game a lot, but to me it didn't look like a game that has been worked on for 4-5 years, and certainly doesnt look like it needs another year or so of work.