Diablo 2 Realms Shutdown

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 21, 2001 4:47pm PDT

As you might have noticed, the Diablo 2 realms have been shut down. According to a post on Battle.net, there was an issue where Realms characters were being reset to level 1. This is currently being looked into.

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  • Do NOT mess with the 1.09 patch. It totally fucked my install. I was doing the tower quest in Act 1, and when I entered the tower, my sound went haywire, and my speakers just emitted this high-pitched squeal. I shut down the game and rebooting, thinking it was a memory leak of some kind. When I ran D2 the next time, my desktop would drop to 640x480, and the Blizzard North .avi would "leak" thru my desktop, as I could still see my icons and start menu. Then, D2 would minimize, and my desktop would come back. I could NOT resize D2 after that. So, I tried to reinstall, nuked all D2 and Blizzard references from my registry and it STILL did the same thing.....so somewhere along the way, it must have corrupted some kind of driver file.