One Meeelion Expansions

*Click* *Click* *Click* you hear that? Diablo2: LoD has been announced as selling over 1million copies already. Yeah that's just insane. I admit it.. I play D2 with the lady friend pretty often. I wasnt totally impressed with the pack really adding as much as I had hoped, but they put enough in there to make you feel obligated to buy it if you're a D2 player.. so Blizzard wins. Damn it!

[...] becomes not only the sixth Blizzard product to sell 1 million copies, but also to reach #1 in U.S. sales. The expansion, which shipped on June 29, is topping most PC sales charts in North America, Europe and Asia. In its first week alone, the game captured a record 17.7 % percent of total U.S. PC game market share, also according to NPD INTELECT*. [snip]

Yea.. see that bolded June 29? The thing has sold 1million copies in under a month. EEEeeeeeaaayyeee