Quake4 & Salt

By Steve Gibson, Jul 10, 2001 11:34am PDT Here's your rumor of the day... The upcoming announcement of "new id games" at QuakeCon has everyone fruiting out over what the heck it could be. The guys at CVG have posted word (Thanks Mike) from "reliable sources" that Quake4 is and has been in development for 6 months at another development house. Of course in the same report they say that Quake4 was ditched in favor of DOOM (which is wrong) so the grain of salt grows a little bit.

CVG has it on sound authority that the game has now been in development for at least six months under the guidance of a different team, although the identity of the third party is unknown at the present time. In addition, there is even talk of the game leading on Xbox: John Carmack has been part of the Xbox advisory commission in the States since the formation of the body.

Carmack has mentioned a few times that it's almost a certainty that DOOM technology (most likely the tech that would be used for an alleged Quake4) is easily ported to X-Box and would show up on the console. So that is no surprise...

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  • What would be cool, would be something with a Quake1 like story...except the story would be more than something in the manual that gives you a reason to kill stuff. It'd start out in a military facility...some of the offworld outposts haven't reported in, and an alien power of some sort that we recently discovered may be the culprit. Your a specialist they called in to go through the slipgate portal and check it out...but about 2 minutes after you get there...BOOM nasty stuff starts coming through the portal, and on this like holo screen you can see the battle going on there and you and a couple other guys rush down to help...but halfway there you find that the guys holding off the bad guys didn't hold 'em off for long and the base is being over-run. You fight through a couple waves of bad guys until you get to the portal and that's when the story kicks off. You'll work through a number of planets first investigating your "lost" bases, sometimes helping the survivors to fight off the nasties, or sometimes helping to get them the hell out of there, and you'd slowly progress to more alien worlds and eventually have to kill Quake. And it could have some new weapons, like a 4-barreled Shotgun (saw that in a movie a while back, Phantasm or something like that...only watched 4 minutes of it) that would do about 150 damage or so, and some other new weapons in addition to the Q1 weapon set. It could actually be pretty cool, but I seriously doubt they're doing Q4, let alone anything like this.