Metroid Prime Shots

By Steve Gibson, May 22, 2001 5:15pm PDT

I wanted to post these for a while now and finally got a hold of them now that the E3 rush is slowing down. Screenshots of the Nintendo GameCube FPS Metroid game. Check these out straight from Nintendo and Jack approved:

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  • lol, NINTENDO loves releasing pre-rendered? Something seems to be tickling at the back of my mind about a sunflare... hmmmmm...
    Did you know that NONE of Nintendo's first party games showed ANY pre-rendered shots, whatsoever? You have so many asinine comments, I'm tempted to waste my time elsewhere, but I'm at work, and I will be getting paid for this, so I might as well.

    It's not my job to disprove it, you're the one who was saying GameCube couldn't do all your fancy tricks that "make games more fun to play". I could care less. What I care about it gameplay. Has Xbox been getting good comments about it's game's gameplay? Nope. If you want a link to the Doom3 quality screenshots, take a look at ... *sigh* Fine, I'll link it. There you go. And before you go off on your little escapade saying this is "pre-rendered" it's not. Nintendo is pro - ingame cutscenes, in case you were too infatuated with your Square buisness to notice.

    "I'm going to play awesome games like Halo, Project Ego, Gotham, Amped, Raw is War, Unreal Championship, and Munch... which already look better than what the GC is putting out yet they've been in development for a much shorter period of time. "
    First of all, those games aren't awesome. I've disproved that theory. Know why? Because it's your opinion. Not only that, but it has been stated so many times, here on the "internet" that these games were so underwhelming unimpressive, that I'm starting to wonder where you come up with these thoughts? Starts to make me wonder if you're a liar? Did you play these games? Halo? 10 FPS! Hell yeah! Gotham! Another racer to keep my attention for 2 WHOLE hours! Amped? Sun Flare! (and also - doesn't look impressive, or exciting). Blah blah blah blah blah, your list goes on and on, but you have no facts to support your argument that these games are AWESOME. In fact, you have dozens of sites saying the opposite. The fact is, GameCube will have all the third party games that you have on your super Xbox, so what I want to know is, why is Xbox unique? DVD? GameCube can play DVD's, you just have to buy it with one, moron, and it's going to cost less overall than Xbox + remote. Hard drive? Load times? Give me a break, GameCube's opitcal disks are small, lowering load times, in fact, Silicon Knights had to LOWER the load times, because it was too disorienting. Plus, we don't have to install CONSOLE GAMES. (Oh, since you're in for moronic comments, the Xbox controller looks like it handles worse than anything I have ever seen before.) Hardware Shardware, GameCube's games look more impressive than Xbox's, which we can see by ACTUAL IN GAME SHOTS. (Not titles that are over a year away from it's launch)

  • Have any of you guys seen the metroid video from Super Smash Brother Melee on the GC? That game has single player missions tailored to each nintendo character in the game. Ie Pikachu's mission will obviously be to do with pokemon. Well anyway Metroid has a mission where she has to escape and exploding ship/planet. Its 3d except its done in the fixed 2d camera position like the old games. It looks fucking cool i recomend u guys go see it, the video is at i think. If you cant find it let me know and i'll try and get it uploaded somewhere.