Tribes2 Tweak Guide

By Maarten Goldstein, May 12, 2001 1:41pm PDT

Tribes 2 needs tweaking? No way! In any case, Tweak3D has a tweak guide for the game if you need it. Check it to see how to squeeze more performance out of the game.

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  • I can get in just fine. Few hours ago and now.
    Its a pretty useless article. All it does is talk about the tweaks that are accessible in the settings menu. The only thing you wouldn't already know unless you are a complete retard is:

    "? Go to your Tribes 2 Directory, GameData, base, prefs and open ClientPrefs.cs with notepad (drag it to a notepad window if you have problems).

    Scroll down and look for both $pref::Decal::decalTimeout = ""; and $pref::Decal::maxNumDecals = ""; . These two settings can help you save a lot of memory on decals, the burns, bullet holes and various other marks, which are left on the surfaces of the game world. While they seem like just small effects, they can take a lot of memory after a while.

    $pref::Decal::decalTimeout sets the amount of time, in milliseconds which decals will stay in the game world. The lower the number, the faster they disappear. Ex. $pref::Decal::decalTimeout = "2000";

    $pref::Decal::maxNumDecals sets the maximum amount of decals allowed to be rendered in the game world. The lower the number, the less you see decals, but the more memory you save. If you wanted to, you could disable decals altogether and save a lot of memory. Ex. $pref::Decal::maxNumDecals = "100"

    The only in-game tweaks that make at least a noticeable diff is turning down the graphic detail of terrain, shape and building. Visible distance helps too. The rest with textures e.t.c is all memory management.