New Tribes2 Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, May 10, 2001 6:34am PDT

As you might've noticed through the ingame updater, a new Tribes2 patch has been released. Tribal War has a list of changes and also has the file available for download if the ingame updater is too slow for you. They also have a news item about some patch problems already which Dynamix is working on to fix.

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  • Steve has missed the most important tidbit of all (imo)...

    We are working on nothing but framerate optimizations right now. We'll be continuing to work on this through this week and next week. We've already discovered several things that will improve Voodoo performance and expect to do really good things for the game soon. There will probably be multiple patches associated with this, but you should see framerates improve significantly in the near future. Just FYI.

    Editor note: Any improvements made for the Voodoo cards will also speed up all other cards as well. This is *not* a Voodoo-specific patch, but since those cards perform the slowest, we are using them as a benchmark.

  • Folks...I do NOT expect you to be patient on this one. I'm angry about this also. But
    in the defense of the company...the Dev Team never saw these problems while making the patch, and the
    QA team tested it for over 48 hours without seeing this issue. Now, it's my job to go find out what the heck
    happened, fix it, and make sure it never happens again. I sincerely apologize that this is occuring and want
    you to know that we'll have it fixed as quickly as possible. -- Dave.

    Dynamix, please wake the hell up.