GameCube Update

By Steve Gibson, Apr 19, 2001 11:11am PDT Myself being one of the many people eager to see all the new Nintendo GameCube stuff (and GameBoy Advance!) this recent quote from the president of Nintendo is quite scary: (Thanks Nintendojo)

"If we are unable to see a positive response at E3, this will have a disasterous impact on Nintendo...and we may have to consider freezing the Gamecube business altogether."

Yikes! Holy bad translations batman! He's actually referring to the release and holding back the console until they can get a positive response. Nintendo is of course confident that wont be the case though:

We have high hopes for the show and are confident the games will impress and astound attendees."

From all the images we've seen of GameCube it's mostly just younger audience target games with the exception of a few. Keep in mind though a ton of games will be announced next month at E3 and we'll have a much more clear picture of what is going on. Should be fun to see Nintendo and Microsoft fighting for the console market.

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  • People like hi-c sit around, bitch and moan. Never once will they lift their "pens" to sit and write for an e-zine. The only reason I wrote about the whole 'riling' up explanation was because it made sense to me. It gave readers another viewpoint. It may have flaws, and it may not make sense, but it's my opinion.

    Honestly, hi-c, mr. i-know-it-all, do you actually think that Yamauchi would cancel the GameCube project after the millions, even billions thats been poured into it? I highly doubt it.

    Get a clue there, mister. You don't work at a Nintendo website, nor do you follow their day-to-day activities. When people like you complain, I normally don't respond because you don't know what you're talking about. It's like that jackass who wrote that Nintendo was going down in flames from Forbes:

    if you don't follow it, don't talk about it as if you know every last detail. because you don't.