Nintendo's GameCube

Joel Erickson and haiku sent along this story from MSNBC where a number of game developer discuss their dealings / experience working with Nintendo on their next-generation console system which Nintendo has been incredibly silent about. It's a really lengthy piece that also analyzes the risks and possible rewards for Microsoft and their X-Box system. Here's one developer on GameCube:

I did not know what to expect when I began work on GAMECUBE, says one famous game designer who did not want to reveal his name or his company for fear of retribution from Sony. The graphics surprised us. They were better than we expected,... better than what we have seen on PlayStation 2 or Xbox. Other developers seem to share this opinion. Judging by overall developer confidence, there seems to be tremendous confidence in GAMECUBE right now,... [screenshots]

Considering how quiet Nintendo has been speculation had begun that perhaps Nintendo was shifting the majority of their focus on the GameBoy Advance which is almost a sure fire hit with minimal competition. I just cant wait for the new Zelda / Metroid / etc titles. Even if the rest of the console and its games sucks.